3 November 2005

Artist Michael Pinsky…

Artist Michael Pinsky has constructed a video installation that will relay images of weather conditions from around the world to 30 screens suspended like a chandelier in an atrium at


Is it time for the UK to have a new national centre for design and innovation? If so, what should it include? Scotland already has a national centre for design

Leeds Media appoints Thompson

Leeds Media, an organisation promoting the city’s media, communications and e-business sector, has appointed member consultancy Thompson to overhaul its brand identity.

Profile: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s interactive installations, using light and shadows, are designed to engage the public intimately. Richard Clayton talks to him about his plans to illuminate the East Midlands On the

Fitch misses big picture

Rodney Fitch (Letters, DW 27 October) should thumb a few pages further forward if he thinks that Richard Eisermann’s reference to design being about value was all about money. It

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