Christian Aid reveals life after the tsunami

A host of designers and artists will contribute to a Christian Aid exhibition documenting the rebuilding of lives and places in Sri Lanka, following the catastrophic tsunami of Christmas 2004.

‘Every time I see the sea… Life after the tsunami’ is curated by Applied Information Group’s creative director Tim Fendley, associate creative director Malcolm Garrett and Assorted Images director Kasper de Graaf.

This team will compile multimedia work donated from photographer Tim Hetherington, sculptor Emma Summers, digital designer Timon Botez of CO-Designers, Illustrious Company founder Martyn Ware and Andy Cameron of Fabrica, Benetton’s interactive division.

The exhibition will try to address questions of how people come to terms with the loss of children and how disasters of this scale can be prevented. It will run at the Old Truman Brewery in London from 8 December to 3 January 2006, before touring the UK.

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