John leaves Ergo to pursue new directions

Ergo-ID founding partner Simon John has left the brand consultancy to pursue his own business interests, leaving co-founder Stuart Mackay in control of the group.

The pair split to allow each to pursue his own interests, which, John believes, could no longer be reconciled in the current business climate.

‘The industry has had a hard time and I don’t think it’s out of it. The less clear your focus on a specialism, the harder it is to keep [a consultancy] going successfully,’ says John. ‘[At Ergo] we had to keep focused on what we were offering. Stuart’s specialism is strategic planning, and Ergo has focused on the innovation and consultancy side.’

According to Mackay, ‘Simon and I have different interests. I’m finding it more interesting abroad. UK clients tend to be more conservative, while international clients have often exhausted the possibilities of their local consultancies and are open to more innovative approaches.’

John sold his share of the business to Mackay in September. He says he is ‘meeting people to hire [for a new business] or to join and also getting involved in pitches’. Mackay will now focus Ergo on a collaborative approach, drafting in specialist teams on a project-by-project basis.

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