Ex-Design House duo cater for the club scene

A Design House breakaway group has designed and developed a new drinks product – a project originally won and researched by Design House.

Eden founder Chris Lower and Adrian McKay, both formerly with Design House, created the brand identity and bottle structure for the Vimto Soft Drinks product called Indigo.

Aimed at 18- to 30-year-olds, Indigo will be seeded through the dance club circuit. “It’s an alternative to water but with a lot more style,” says Lower.

Vimto Soft Drinks marketing manager Peter Walter moved the project from Design House to Eden because, he says, “I wanted to make sure that the people who worked on it from the start saw the project through”. Vimto is part of JN Nichols foods.

Lower quit Design House after what was an “amicable split” (DW 15 March) and launched Eden on 1 April. He was joined by McKay who left his post as senior packaging designer at Design House.

Eden is also working on two projects for Ruberoid – another Design House account win. Lower and McKay had been the creative team on the original can liquids project.

Former Design House director David Rosen’s consultancy Brand Vision has also worked for Ruberoid (DW 3 April).

Ruberoid is still using Design House, but moved some projects to Eden and Brand Vision as the team split up, explains Ruberoid marketing director Ron Wilson.

“When we started working with Design House they had a very good team with mixed disciplines and that team has fragmented. It’s to do with the capabilities of the individuals concerned,” adds Wilson.

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