Creative Action germinates Maddox Vogue outlet

Creative Action Design has carried out a root-and-branch refreshment of St Albans-based florist Maddox Vogue’s corporate identity, which the retailer hopes will help to grow its sales.

Implementation begins this week and involves the facia, a website and stationery, as well as transforming the ‘bland’ interior into a ‘stimulating’ showroom.

The ‘clean and open’ shop environment will boast three specific zones for showcasing flowers, preparation and personal consultation. It also features galvanised steel fittings, a stone floor and white walls with cerise branding that allows the shop’s colourful content to advertise itself, says Creative Action Design managing director Ian Silverstein.

‘This is a contemporary identity for a traditionally functional regional florist. It will serve as a model for any future branches,’ Silverstein adds.

A key element is the consultation lounge, where clients can discuss flower arrangements for occasions such as funerals.

Maddox Vogue owner Claire Curley says, ‘As people increasingly recognise the creative potential of florists, this shift in positioning, coupled with a wider service, necessitates a new retail experience.’

The group was appointed in May after a four-way pitch.

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