Kit Heath premieres with STB store

Jewellery designer Kit Heath has announced plans for a debut store, designed by Stocks Taylor Benson, as part of an aggressive re-positioning intended to capture a broader share of the fashion accessories market.

As part of an on-going brief, STB is also developing visuals for four additional brands for the company, including bridal and birth ranges. The projects are part of the company’s move to build its brand and drive sales, according to Kit Heath managing director Barbara Miers.

‘The business has been re-focused as a modern, innovative company in order to help deliver increased sales both in the UK and US,’ she says.

Scheduled to open in Covent Garden in time for the Christmas rush, the 56m2 retail outlet includes a showroom, office quarters and dedicated space for one-to-one customer service, explains STB managing director Glenn Taylor.

Each of Kit Heath’s ten brands – including Dazzle, Celtic and Mackintosh – will have colour-coded zones created through a combination of lighting effects and specially selected palette, says Taylor.

‘A simple-to-use system was needed in order that brands could be phased in and out quickly and economically without the store needing to be re-designed,’ he adds.

The retail brief is the latest in a series of projects the consultancy has undertaken for Kit Heath, following its appointment in January 2001.

Last year the consultancy completed phase-one of the company’s re-branding, which involved creating a ‘modern visual personality’ to apply to communication material, packaging, advertising, exhibition stands and point-of-sale material.

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