Software manufacturer Quark is trying to buy a stake in Adobe Systems. Adobe has so far dismissed the proposal out of hand.

Design Bridge has redesigned the brand identity for Elida Fabergé’s Timotei shampoo, for the Central European and Russian market. The design will be launched in Poland this month, supported by a TV and print ad campaign.

Tesco has appointed Minale Tattersfield, Prague, to design its own-brand packaging for a range for products specifically produced for the Eastern European market.

GMPU Direct, the monthly journal for the Graphical, Paper and Media Union, has been redesigned by Synergy to appeal more to younger members. The consultancy is also on the verge of completing Camden Council’s new website.

Wagstaffs has redesigned the pan-European packaging for six-strong US lipcare brand Blistex, which launched in Finland earlier this week and rolls out across Europe in the autumn.

The world’s biggest darts manufacturer The Unicorn Group, has introduced new packaging for its X series range of darts. Design is by TGV.

Quarto Design has brought in Colin McBride, formerly creative director at marketing services consultancy Ballard Davies, as senior designer.

Freelance designer Marina Wolny has created identity and packaging for Solos, a range of shoe insoles for German client Schelchen GmbH. The branding aims to appeal to a younger, fashion-oriented audience, which has not yet discovered the benefits of insoles, says Wolny, who was formerly at Pentagram Design. ‘I used the heavy typeface for its strong visibility and timeless qualities and used heavy footprints to emphasise that the product is about healthy feet. The colour yellow gives a warm, friendly feel.’

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