TV3 rides the rollercoaster

Television sometimes echoes the emotional rollercoaster of life, a theme which Ireland’s new independent channel, TV3, has taken to heart.

London design consultancy Hobbins Sides based TV3’s on-screen idents on fairground imagery, taking its cue from the swirly 3 identity created by Dublin-based Dynamo and the fact the channel is devoted to entertainment.

‘Straight up entertainment’ is the motto for the channel – one of the last European terrestrial channels to go on air and aimed at 14 to 44-year-olds – according to Hobbins Sides creative director Mark Hobbins. The idea behind the idents is to take the channel ‘purely on an entertainment level’, he adds, making it up-beat and modern. It’s not about preaching or education.

Fairground imagery is easily recognised as being about fun. The idents, animated by Dublin group Filmhouse, suggest energy and motion, evoking emotion without specific cultural references. The shapes created by the rides are ‘a great device’ to introduce the 3 identity, says Hobbins, who worked with Hobbins Sides assistant designer Sylvie Minois on the project. Filmhouse producer Tim Morris led the team of animators, comprising Hubert Montag, Stephen Lohan and John Kennedy.

Due to go on air in late September, TV3 is funded by Canadian company CanWest, a consortium of Irish entertainments businesses and other local concerns.

Design: Identity: Dynamo;

On-screen idents: Hobbins Sides;

Animation: Filmhouse

Client: TV3.

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