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‘A Day at El Bulli/ An Insight into the Ideas, Methods and Creativity of Ferran Adrià’ allows unprecedented access to one of the world’s most famous, sought-after and mysterious restaurants.

But for me, Adrià has shown the way for all creatives and creative businesses to evolve through a defined process of constant evolution.

His creative workshops put true creativity at the heart of his organisation and his openness pushes the evolution of the whole category, inspiring chefs and customers alike.

He constantly develops his knowledge and understanding away from the pressure of service and builds expertise at a level to gasp at.

He shows that life should be a daring adventure and the proof is in the pudding – if you could get a table.

So, inspired by Adrià’s approach, for the past six months I have been adapting my own business and refocusing its energies around internal creative workshops, designed to develop deeper understanding and new talent. We are doing this to give us the time and space to become experts in our chosen field of ‘environment for brands’.

That only leaves me the task of getting a table at El Bulli, a challenge that will no doubt take considerably longer to achieve. Any assistance with this would be gratefully appreciated.

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