Gutteridge creates pack for black

Liz Gutteridge has created packaging for Lever Brothers’ Persil Black Velvet, which is claimed to be the first detergent specifically for black clothes.

The product launched at the end of last week.

Black Velvet is claimed to minimise colour fading in black and dark-coloured clothes. The bottle neck has a black collar and the label shows a picture of a women dressed in black.

‘We really had to make [the product] stand out on shelf,’ says consultancy managing director Liz Gutteridge. ‘It is aimed at the younger end of the market and designed to reflect premium values with attitude to appeal to a fashion conscious audience.’

‘This product is being targeted particularly at women over men, because they have a lot more black in their wardrobe,’ according to Persil brand manager Ounal Bailey.

Last year a survey for Lever showed that 45 per cent of clothes worn in the UK are black.

Liz Gutteridge won the project without a pitch. The consultancy has worked for Lever Brothers for 12 years and designed the packaging for Persil Capsules, which launched earlier this month.

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