Image update for The Land Registry

The Land Registry, the Government agency responsible for registering changes in ownership of property and land in England and Wales, is inviting consultancies to tender for corporate identity and website redesign projects.

The cut-off date for entries is 6 September. Appointments will not be made before the end of the year.

An exact brief for the job has yet to be finalised, but the project involves a review of the corporate identity and the application of it across stationery and literature. It also involves a complete redesign of the Land Registry website.

‘The website work is an independent part of the project and we have split the tender to reflect this. We may appoint one group for the whole project,’ says the Land Registry non-executive director Jan Smith.

The agency will invite a maximum of five groups to take part in a strategic pitch, which may include creative elements, for each job.

The Land Registry has just completed a five-year review of its activities and has formulated a ten-year strategic plan.

‘As a result of the elements and the projects of the plan it was decided that a review of the corporate identity was deemed appropriate,’ says Smith.

A budget for the job will be finalised by the end of the year, Smith adds.

The tender did not go through the Central Office of Information Communications and The Land Registry does not operate a design roster.

Both the existing corporate identity and the website were designed in-house.

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