Broadening horizons

Working as an illustrator today can be a solitary life, often confined to a studio and working alone. Consequences, a new show by the Central Illustration Agency, has challenged that ideal by inviting 63 of the international illustrators it represents to work together on a wall-based installation. An A2 panel marked with a section of curving horizon was given to each illustrator to adorn however they wished. Participants were asked to communicate with the artist designing the panel either side of theirs, in the hope of creating a connection between the works, and in the process, between the scribes themselves. The show’s line-up reflects the CIA’s wealth of talent, with established names such as Jeff Fisher, David Holmes and Claire Melinsky, current stars Ray Smith and Dave Needham, and up-and-coming talent such as Jimi Mackay, all jostling together. The tools and techniques used range from crayon and sensitive, hand-rendered lines to computer-generated imagery and graphic design, indicating the scope and talent of these contemporary picture-makers. Setting them the challenge of joining forces is a neat touch, even if – at its most basic – this is a marketing tool for the CIA. But it acts as a nice reminder that even disparate freelances share the same horizon.

Consequences takes place at 1 Thomas Neals, Earlham Street, London, WC2 from 6-9pm on 30 August

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