Elmwood rebrands Black Magic for Nestlé

Nestlé is set to relaunch its iconic Black Magic chocolate brand, with an ultra-contemporary rebrand by Elmwood.

The overhaul, which will see the introduction of three 100g chocolate bars and three new gift boxes, is designed to reposition the brand as a premium product.

Black Magic brand manager Rebecca Reason explains that the design brief was influenced by the Japanese philosophical approach to designing called Kansei, whereby consumer emotions are translated into specific design parameters.

The packaging will sport a monochrome style, with black wrapping and a silver font in capitals.

The gift range will feature a cube-shaped collection box and two smaller sizes – Dark Discovery and Simply Black Magic – aimed at sharing.

The launch will be supported by a press advertising campaign, which has also been created with the help of Elmwood, as well as a website, which will be built by digital group Pilot.

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