Two artists have fascinated and inspired me throughout my career. It is both their work and their obsessive approach that capture my imagination.

Sol LeWitt has kept cropping up since my days at art school. Discovering art that was purely about form and an artist who could spend almost a lifetime exploring different approaches to the drawn line was liberating. The beauty that comes from the exploration of simple ideas is a lesson that is worth being reminded of. His endless cube studies specifically struck a cord with me and a connection was made to my love of animation.

The Brothers Quay films have continued to ignite ideas for me. Their delight in drawing out the shot, creating two-minute sequences that contain only a focusing of the lens, but are still completely fascinating to watch, is remarkable. As with LeWitt, the obsessive approach to their work is what gives it its strength – the narrative seems unimportant when the imagery is this powerful.

Animation as a whole is a fantastic source of inspiration for any artist/designer. When all other inspiration fails I seem to return back to my old VHS tapes of recordings from Channel 4’s Animation series.

Orlando Mathias, All of Us

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