Regional creative networks need more recognition

I was delighted to see the significance of regional creative networks highlighted in a recent issue (News Analysis, DW 23 August).

D&AD North – our first network outside London – was launched in early 2006 and is thriving. Together with a committee involving some of the UK’s leading creatives, D&AD has brought a running programme of president’s lectures, professional development ‘workout’ sessions, workshops and awards screenings to the North of England.

In October – for the second year running – Urbis in Manchester will host a major exhibition of the best advertising and design in the world, featuring nominated and award-winning work from the D&AD Awards.

It is very encouraging to see similar initiatives being developed elsewhere as, ultimately, it is crucial that creativity outside London receives the support, recognition and profile it deserves.

Tamsin Valentino, Regional networks manager, D&AD, London SE11

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