The Eighties mentality is rearing its ugly head

I fundamentally believe that designers have to embrace business more readily and in a mature fashion. Of course, they should consider the merits and pitfalls of merger and acquisition as fully as other industries, but to read the kind of non-vision eschewed by Stewart McColl (DW 24 January) culminating with “I am aiming for… group post-tax profits of 2m by the end of this year” may be music to the ears of some gullible venture capitalist, but reminds me of a Harry Enfield character stuck in the Eighties.

Surely at the core of any creative business there is a belief that it offers a service that cannot be matched by anyone – if not in the client’s eyes, then at least in the company’s ideal.

In this Eighties style of amateur economic forecasting, growth and huge profits, I was struck most by McColl’s statement “…the idea had been bubbling around in my head for a long time”. Never have I known a bubble to last so long!

I suggest someone calls The Guinness Book of Records, since this bubble’s longevity must surely be unsurpassed!

Andrew Kellard


Paper White

London SE1

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