Comments on HP:ICM’s pavilion are ‘unfair’

I think the comments about the British Pavilion at Expo ’98 were a little unfair (Letters, DW 17 July). I went to Lisbon last month and visited many of the pavilions, including our own.

If I tell you that China converted most of its pavilion into a shop selling china bowls, jade animals and cheap jewellery; the Dutch attempt was so dark and dismal you could hardly see; and the Sri Lankan pavilion consisted of a large self-service café, lion dancers and yet another shop selling tourist tack, perhaps you can get an idea of the standards.

At least our pavilion kept to the theme – the ocean – and offered interactive learning opportunities and information about British achievements in the nautical world. It used the space well – vertically, as well as horizontally. And it was one of the few that did not have a shop.

I don’t know HP:ICM, but I enjoyed visiting the British Pavilion and, when I compared it to the others, I was quite proud of it.

Sue Williams



Kent TN11 0EF

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