Design House promotes care home service


Design House is working on a new campaign for Priory Care Homes, which is part of The Priory Group a specialist in mental healthcare.

Priory Care Homes is a service for those who can no longer cope with home life due to physical frailty or dementia.

The consultancy has worked with The Priory Group before on a stress campaign, promoting the hospital’s services as something for people other then celebrities.
According to Lavinia Culverhouse, managing director of Design House, ’The key objective is to generate enquiries and ultimately to generate admissions to Priory Care Homes.’
In order to do this the campaign needed to work to target family members or friends of a person in this position.

Culverhouse says she wanted the campaign to avoid care home cliches ’an image of the home and normal blurb about what they offer’.

Instead a campaign based around lost and found posters has been developed using this sentiment to describe how a dementia patient or carer may feel as the patient comes into care, according to Culverhouse.

Polaroid images of the past shown as fading memories and images of the present shown as life in the care home, are brought together on posters, ’to balance the negative elements of dementia with the positive care and help the priory can provide,’ says Culverhouse.

Roll-out is planned over billboards this week before local press advertising and door-drops, local to the 12 care homes across the country.

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