Phil Dolman – Studio DB


As a born-again biker I have developed a passion for modified motorbikes Street Trackers, Bobbers and Café Racers. Bikes stripped of all unnecessary factory parts based on Yamaha XT 500s or XS 650s (my own bike), Honda CB 750s or, if you can afford them, Triumphs, Ducatis or Harleys. Plastics are discarded, frames chopped, alternative tanks and seats fitted, engines tuned, brakes and suspension up-rated and essentially straight through exhausts.

Most of my non-design time is bike-related, scanning the multitude of global bike blogs and websites for inspiration and knowledge Bratstyle or Chabott Engineering from Japan, Wrench Monkees from Denmark, Lowbrow and Mule from the US, Bike Exif and Deus from Australia, Red Max or the essential Sideblog from Sideburn magazine, the bible of Flattrack, here in the UK.

The rest of my time is shed-based, a health and safety-free haven, welding, grinding, drilling, polishing, spraying, skinning knuckles and cursing my current bike, a CCM Street Tracker, into life.

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