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Film magazine Little White Lies commissioned illustrators, such as Ian Wright, David Downton and Malika Favre, to create prints inspired by classic films of the 1970s for an exhibition at London’s Kemistry Gallery. A particular favourite is Autumn Whitehurst’s poster, inspired by the 1970 film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Bianca Chang
Sydney-based designer Bianca Chang creates sculptural works out of hundreds of sheets of 80gsm paper. Inspired by the subtlety of tone-on-tone signage and the shadowplay of 3D letterforms, Twin was created from 135 sheets of paper by Chang for the A4 Paper Festival.

Friendship of the Peoples
Last week Friendship of the Peoples opened at London’s Simon Oldfield Gallery, a benevolent-sounding show in which 20 artists were invited to select 20 more, each creating a poster-based work. The 40 results form a vibrant show, exploring community and individual identity.

Stone balancing
Artist Adrian Gray has created an unusual installation at Apostrophe Baker Street in London, using seemingly impossible compositions of balanced stones. As well as creating his own art, Gray teaches the gravity-defying art of stone-balancing to school groups, helping them improve their concentration.

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