BSI unveils two new standards

THE BRITISH Standards Institution (BSI) is introducing two new design management standards on 6 April to improve reference terms and address the need for the design of services to be managed.

The first standard, BS7000 Part 3, is a guide to managing service design, and aims to provide “a basic, no-nonsense model which can be applied to all service activities”, says the BSI.

The second part, BS7000 Part 10, is a glossary of terms used in design management. The standard aims to “clarify terms used (and misused) in the field, particularly at the corporate level”, and to broaden the language used to raise performance in design management, according to the BSI.

The BSI is also seeking feedback on the value of its guide to managing product design (BS7000 Part 1), which is undergoing its first five-year review.

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