Secret meetings made public

IT was a trip down memory lane for Franco Bonadio when he spoke at a packaging seminar at the Chartered Society of Designers’ Bedford Square HQ.

Franco is now thirtysomething and design director (ie Mr Big) at Landor Associates. Stepping inside the CSD moved Franco to recall an incident which took place several years earlier.

As a lowly designer in another consultancy, which Franco was looking to leave, he went to the CSD for an interview through that historical medium, the CSD’s designer register.

So Franco turns up, portfolio in hand and fear in his heart, and is about to walk in when he spies his then boss, Chris Ludlow.

Poor Franco turned on his heels and ran for a phone box. He called the CSD, explained his predicament and was told to sneak round the back and go in when the coast was clear.

How disconcerting to turn up for a job interview at a neutral venue and find your boss there.

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