Visa V finding work in North America

As a delegate at the Department of Trade and Industry seminar on North America, may I raise the question that was glossed over by the panel – that of visas.

First, there seems to be a presumption that by North America we all mean the US but my experience has been in Canada.

The DTI should advise aspiring exporters that obtaining a visa may be a problem. I have recently been refused a Canadian visa to undertake a consultancy role for a Toronto-based employer. There may be ways round it: is this not an area where the Government should give us advice?

I did ask the question but it was not read out at the seminar. I was told afterwards that I’d be given the name of a lawyer well versed in the matter, but so far no name.

The topic was not aired in front of the delegates as I suspect it was a grey area they couldn’t address (like so many others), but cultural differences are rather easier!

Unless the matter is addressed the whole exercise could be a waste of time.

Ian Liddell

Design Research Unit

London SE1

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