NMEC puts Hodges Dome story straight

The article Hodges takes on Dome problems is misleading (DW l0 March). Hodges Associates is one of a number of groups subcontracted by In-house Communications, appointed by the NMEC to manage a programme of enhancements to all zones. Hodges Associates has not been directly appointed by NMEC and has no contact with either NMEC or Dome sponsors.

In-house Communications was appointed by NMEC on 11 February on a short-term contract to direct the programme, which includes improvements to the durability of zones and raising the overall visitor experience.

Tania Watson, managing director of In-house Communications, who for more than three years has been consultant content editor for the Dome with specific responsibility for the Play and Home Planet zones, is leading the project.

Adam Liversage

NMEC Press Office

London SE10

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