Radley Yeldar dips into the deep Blueyonder

Radley Yeldar has created the brand identity for Telewest’s first-to-market broadband Internet package, Blueyonder. The consumer product targets early adopters of the Internet with unmetred, high-speed Web access for a flat fee.

Radley Yeldar was appointed to the project by Telewest in February. The consultancy was asked to create designs on the back of earlier positioning work undertaken by the cable group.

“Telewest had a pretty good idea about positioning the service for early adopting households, and it wanted to keep the branding away from focusing on its high-speed characteristics,” says Radley Yeldar project director Hugh Oxborrow.

He suggests that as competitors launch their own rival products, speed will no longer be the key differentiator.

“The whale is a very friendly icon. It can travel and communicate over huge distances in its own language similar to the vast scope of the Internet,” he adds.

Aside from the brand identity, the consultancy also designed welcome packs which are mailed to new subscribers.

Meanwhile Wolff Olins is creating the corporate identity for the cable group as it merges with broadcasting partner Flextech.

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