There’s much debate about transport at present. What’s your idea for the perfect urban vehicle, be it a private vehicle or geared to public transport?

‘It is madness to continue to engage in a battle between public transport and the private car in congested city centres. The perfect urban vehicle will be neither public nor private, but a seamless integration of the two. One future scenario is that private drivers will rent, lease or buy their own branded keyfob, not a car. This will give them access to go-as-you-please urban micro-vehicles, which are jointly owned by local authorities and automotive companies.’

Jeremy Myerson, Co-Director, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, RCA

‘Ideally I would have a jet pack on my back, like the ones at the LA Olympics – they were a bit noisy and hot, but that’s resolvable. I think that the new BMW C1, a motor scooter with a proper roof and safety equipment is the real future. Mine is coming next month.’

Richard Williams, Director, Williams Murray Hamm

‘The hydrogen-powered hyperbus would be the ideal way of getting around town. Super fuel-efficient, much cleaner and quieter, made of light-weight materials. Hyperbus rather than hypercar because of the risk that greener cars would simply lead to greater congestion.’

Dorothy MacKenzie, Co-founder, Dragon

‘Personally I’m in favour of the motorcycle. Obviously not everyone would agree but personal choice is key. Individuals have to be able to select the right transport for each particular journey. It is incumbent on local government to provide a viable set of transportation ideas that capture support of all.’

Adrian Caddy, Creative Director, Imagination

‘For me it would have to be a personal air taxi, with a different tailfin design for each model. Having come from an airborne environment [British Airways] I think we will have to move above the ground as well as on or below it. We can spend as much as ten to 15 hours a week going back and forth, when, unless we are lucky enough to be chauffeur-driven, we can’t converse, read e-mails or work. Personal air taxis would help to reduce congestion and speed up commuting time.’

Chris Holt, Consultant Director, Springpoint

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