Whatever happened to atmosphere?

The Team has recently joined the British Design and Art Direction twinning scheme (between industry and education). My end of the deal is to offer students an insight into what to expect on leaving college and how to prepare themselves. Their end is to spend time with us and breathe fresh air into our working lives. A fair trade.

I spoke to some bright, interested faces; they didn’t rumble my “I’m not an old git” ruse. All went well. Later, I went through some of their folders and agreed some dates for their two-week visits.

Something was up though – the college studio spaces were empty. Apparently, they all have their own Apple Macs and work from home. It sounds like there are similar situations in other colleges. A great aspect of my time at college was the studio atmosphere, banter and inspiration that I can only think came from spending time with peers knocking ideas and each other around.

How can we bring back their studio environment? Is it the colleges’ responsibility to provide the means or should the design industry do more to promote the benefits of collaboration? These people are our future colleagues, we may have reason for concern.

Matt Frost

Design partner

The Team

matthewfrost@the team.co.uk

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