Riding a motorcycle is perhaps one of the most thrilling and emotionally charged experiences I know. The activity itself is utterly absorbing and denies any other dominant thoughts entering your head.

No matter where you are, what city or country, your journey affords you multiple tantilising glimpses of colours, shapes, smells and sounds. Together they build an open-ended, free-form narrative in your head, linked together like an ever-expanding dot-to-dot puzzle. Never just about the end destination, it is the experience of the journey that inspires me, the people I meet along the way and the unexpected things I encounter.

In our work as designers, bringing to life the intangibility of a brand’s soul – through experiences and journeys that encourage users to engage with the brand to form an integral part of the product’s story – is the foundation of everything we do.

Our work with Oskar in the Czech Republic (pictured) achieved exactly this. It created a space that put the customer at the heart of the concept – there were no customer barriers or no-go zones, but a mirrored skin that absorbed and reflected the colours of its visitors clothing, which added to the brand colours. The work built in the integration of the customer’s involvement and creativity as an integral part of the physical space.

Inspiration for me is never just about the destination, but about journeys and experiences in between.

Sue Daun

Enterprise IG

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