Image library Corbis is looking at adding illustrators to its books. What impact do you think this would have on illustration?

Excellent! Another avenue opened towards the triumph of generic mediocrity over bespoke ingenuity. As an illustrator, it just gets better and better.

Andy Martin, Illustrator (pictured)

If this means more money for illustrators, then great. To be honest, I think this is unlikely – it’s just about business and businessmen. I’m an illustrator who draws with pencils and pens, and I doubt this initiative is something that will really affect me – unless they pay loads of money that is.

Yuko Kondo, Illustrator

Traditionally, you would visit Savile Row to buy a made-to-measure suit. Nowadays, ready-to-wear may be bought in stores on every high street in every town across the nation. But Savile Row still exists, of course. Stock libraries offer cut-rate communication solutions – straight off the peg, one size fits all. I know where I prefer to shop.

Lawrence Zeegen, Director, ZeegenRush

We all live with the hope that budgets, clients, timing and availability would allow for the commissioning of a unique image – the reality is somewhat different. There is no doubt a place and a demand for rights-managed and royalty-free illustrations. I expect the illustrators who are to work with Corbis to build their illustration offer, will create pieces that are commercial (message driven) and hard-working (fee-earning) – but this will not stop the demand for the unique.

Iain Crockart, Photographer

Adding illustrators to its representation roster seems a natural move for Corbis – it already has a large illustration archive. It’s good news for the illustrators involved, but, judging by the small number of photographers so far represented by Corbis, this won’t be very many. Corbis is growing aggressively – world domination must be in its sights. If it succeeds, it could be tough for photographers and illustrators alike who aren’t part of its creative army and end up being neglected by art directors and clients.

Gareth Gardner, Writer and photographer (pictured)

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