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James Dyson has criticised a Government green paper proposing to drop design and technology as a compulsory subject for 14to 19-year-olds. He says design should be as standard to a curriculum as English or Maths. What is your view?

‘We are all users of design and technology and the subject is an important, not to say crucial, element of our education system. If D&T is sidelined it is likely that our most talented students and in particular girls will be discouraged from entering the creative and manufacturing industries. It is also one of the only areas where pupils are encouraged to think creatively.’

Helen Evenden, Head of educational activities, Design Museum

‘All I wanted to do at school was D&T. Instead of private study in silence in the library, I was allowed in the workshop instead and would stay late after school. I would have resented being forced to spend that time studying history. The most important thing is to encourage pupils to have a passion for something. Drop D&T if you want to, though I wouldn’t recommend it.’

Pascal Anson, Design director, IamPascal.com

‘If the Government, and parents, really knew what D&T entailed they would not take it off the curriculum. Unlike the past when the subject was merely about cooking, woodwork and needlework, it is now a rich subject covering many issues. It most importantly teaches pupils to solve problems. D&T teaches you how things are made; recycling, moral and social issues and fuels and their impact on the environment. Intellectuality is not just the gaining of knowledge. D&T teaches you how to apply your knowledge.’

Marksteen Adamson, International creative director, Interbrand

‘I question the logic of the Government who are obviously blind and uninformed as to the current state of youth culture. Design and technology is very much a key part of modern education and that is where it should stay, and I know a good place to shove those green papers.’

Mike Horseman, Managing director, The Open Agency

‘Everything depends on what is included in “design and technology”. It is about creating little experiments, working with your hands, getting excited about doing small circuits and models with toothpicks that you always end up giving to your mom as a present. It was one of the only subjects where I had a lot of fun and found it useful.’

Hector Serrano, Designer

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