30 November 1995

Fox’s swallows up revamped wrappers

Precept has repositioned Fox’s medicated menthol mints from a variant to a sub-brand to help the range compete better in the marketplace. The Ely group created the new packaging, branding and name, Clears, to replace the sweets’ long product description. “Clears communicates two messages – the crystal-like clarity associated with Fox’s sweets combined with benefit, […]

Define purpose before establishing identity

I am a little depressed by recent letters, your editorial, and back page about the new identity for the Design Council. – Surely the Design Council is involved in the great UK tradition of recent years whereby we parade the image of success before we actu

Monster of efficiency roars in from the East

I read with interest Peter Hall’s article on Korea (DW 24 November). I was in Korea at the beginning of the month visiting manufacturing contractors and looking at business opportunities, and I totally agree with Peter’s observations. During the course of my trip I visited a large number of contractors and was struck by the […]

East Europe proves lucrative for retailers

Poland is set to become the next target for Western European retailers, according to a new report. It is anticipated that such a move could trigger a design boom as retail brands seek to become established in a fast-growing East European market. The report, from retail research company Corporate Intelligence, states that UK retailers also […]

Camden plans advisory group

The London Borough of Camden is linking up with its local design community to form the Camden Design Advisory Group. – It is the brainchild of Design Council chairman John Sorrell, co-chairman of Camden consultancy Newell and Sorrell.

Design Council needs more than coat of paint

Is the Design Council actually reviewing its identity, including the way it behaves and what it stands for, or merely considering a change of surface paint? Either way, both issues were supposed to be addressed only recently, using taxpayers money. A genuinely fundamental principle of effective communication is that the reasons for change are explained […]

Consortium edges up the competition

East Anglian industrial design group Minima Design and electronic design specialist Seescan have teamed up with two manufacturing firms to work together on bringing new products to the market. The consortium, called Synergy, has its formal launch at the beginning of this month. Seescan managing director Philip Gaffney says: “The Department of Trade and Industry […]

North London centre to promote design

A pioneering new centre to supply design services to growing businesses is being launched in an area of north London targeted as ripe for economic regeneration. Prodesign is the name of the new design management centre being set up in the Lee Valley Development Area, gearing up for an official launch in January. The aim […]

Free-pitching adds on to costs

Increased free and subsidised pitching is burdening consultancies with the costs of employing more non-chargeable staff such as account handlers, according to the Design Business Association’s latest quarterly survey. The result is an increase in the amount of staff-time spent earning each pound of income. “Presentations, research, pre-concept stage strategic input, project management, account handling, […]

Gravelle quits retailer

Sainsbury’s corporate design manager Steven Gravelle is leaving the retail giant. – Gravelle has been responsible for packaging since 1988, when he was headhunted from Tayburn’s then London office.

AA advances new look

The AA is to launch a revised retail marketing concept with the opening of two new shops on 16 December. – Design work, including merchandising, signage and new interiors for the Northampton and Swindon stores, is by Lumsden Design Partnership in associat

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