Red Square shopping is the latest in chic

Your report on the GUM shopping centre in Moscow’s Red Square (DW 17 November) naturally focused on the interior design aspect of the project.

It may, however, be worth adding that this historic building will be looking to leading Western retailers to take this opportunity to reach a huge and enthusiastic shopping population.

Several established retailers are already in place, including Christian Dior, Benetton, Estée Lauder and Yves Rocher. The aim is to make this store Russia’s major international shopping centre. Its location directly opposite the Kremlin gives it something of a competitive edge.

Design Week may well wish to think ahead of the needs of the many other Western retailers, large and small, who are taking a hard look at this opportunity.

There are already a sizeable number of big spenders in Moscow, and the international business community operating in the city is growing at a fast pace. Moscow also remains the dominant attraction for hundreds of millions of Russians whose buying power is steadily increasing.

We know, from our work with International Realty Investors on the initial and now a second feasibility study, that there is considerable interest from Western retailers and that GUM will indeed become a focal shopping point in the new Moscow.

The opportunities for Western design specialists of varying disciplines is not restricted to the interior of the store. This project has implications for everyone – from product designers through to advertising agencies.

David Baker


Colliers Erdman Lewis

London WI

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