Green packs The Organic Option

Designer Brian Green has created the brand identity and packaging for The Organic Option, a range of ready meals from newly launched Alternative Cuisine.

“With so many organic products launched at the moment, it was vital to create a strong marque that was not following a design cliché,” says Green. The result is a simple presentation of the food, shot on illuminated glass so the product stands out, he adds.

He says the packaging features a bright green colourway held “in check” by the new black Organic Option logo. “The range branding creates an in-store identity without interfering with the product title or photography,” adds Green.

The five vegetarian meals, including Leek and Courgette Rissotto and Vegetable Chilli, launch this week in organic food supermarket Planet Organic.

Alternative Cuisine aims to introduce meat and fish recipes in early 2001, and to roll out its new Organic Option range wider. Planet Organic recently unveiled its new brand identity, created by Pocknell Studio (DW, 23 June).

Green is former design director of London consultancy Wagstaffs, which he left a year ago (DW 5 November 1999).

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