Digital surgery

The Light Surgeons are something of a cultural phenomenon. A loose band of artists and designers, their happenings rarely disappoint. In recent times, their style has become more narrative, incorporating film-making, interviews and a particular take on social anthropology. Light Surgeons founder Chris Allen describes it as ‘taking the spoken word and presenting it in a different way’. The theme of this show, Articulated, is psycho-geography, and it will explore our connected lives, from physical travels to the psychological relationships between people through language, hearsay, gossip and urban myths, explains Allen. So there’s a room that looks at language and how MMS messaging and use of video is becoming more of a vocabulary. This ties in tidily with the show’s commissioner, Nokia. Allen’s own photography is on display, in shots that he took at airports and what he calls ‘international non-space’. Another piece includes interviews with people about their luggage. And in one room, a raft of security cameras is set on a 30-second delay. ‘People are presented with their own image, but out of context,’ says Allen. Meanwhile, Blast Theory has contributed a video piece of eerie footage of Frankfurt at night. This is all likely to be accessible, rather than overly conceptual, stuff.

Visit Articulated @ the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1.

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