We all need to do our bit to curb excess packaging

With regard to last week’s Voxpop about excess packaging (DW 23 November), no consumer in their right mind will spend a second more than they need to in a supermarket, let alone an extra five minutes removing the wrapping from a multi-value four-pack of apple juice. People are lazy.

The Government needs to start making it easier for us all to do our bit. For starters, concentrate on providing efficient national weekly recycling collection facilities for all waste materials.
Also impose strict fines on supermarkets that don’t reach ‘packaging reduction’ targets.

Manufacturers are guilty too. In an ideal world, the manufacturer would conform to the still-to-be-actioned packaging legislation, the supermarket would ensure they did too, and the consumer would sort out their waste.

Spencer Buck, Creative director, Taxi Studio, Bristol BS8 4DD

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