The Woodland Trust launches visitor hub design competition

The Woodland Trust and RIBA are looking for a design team to design a visitor centre within a £325,000 budget that will “encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy the natural world.”

Langley Vale Site Photo
The Langley Vale site

The Woodland Trust and the RIBA is launching a competition to design a visitor hub at Langley Vale Wood in Surrey, which can support up to 180,000 visitors a year.

Langley Vale is located on the edge of the M25 and currently covers 140 acres of ancient woodland. The Woodlands Trust is looking to expand the site to 640 acres.

“Living tribute”to those affected by First World War

It has been identified as England’s First World War Centenary Wood by the Woodland Trust which wants the site to be a “living tribute” to those affected by the First World War.

Designers, architects and landscape architects – as well as students of these disciplines – are being encouraged to apply.

The new centre will “encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy the natural world” as well as making a connection with the First World War.

Delivered within £325,000

An “innovative and imaginative” solution is sought for the project, which can be delivered within £325,000 and “inspire potential donors” according to the WT.

The first phase of the competition requires teams to submit anonymous designs in digital format. Three of these will be shortlisted and awarded £3000 each.

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