30 October 1997

New lager will take you out of this world

Apollo Space-Aged Lager from – where else – California is to be launched on to the UK market. As well as bringing a modern twist to bottled-lager packaging design, the brand also brings levels of pretension usually associated only with wine to the beer market. Named in tribute to the Apollo Space Programme, the drink […]


Better late than never: For anybody wondering what happened to the Design Business Association’s recruitment service, proposed for September this year… it is still coming, though not until early next year. The DBA insists nothing is awry, just that it has been very busy. It is tight-lipped as to the structure of the new service, […]

More pantomime at the British Museum

The pantomime came to the hallowed halls of the British Museum last week, when its board unveiled plans for major refurbishments to the Great Court. Sir Klaus Moser, chairman of the British Museum Development Trust, informed a waiting audience that each member should have in their information packs a list of donors to the project. […]

Profits plunge at BBB Design

Listed company BBB Design saw its profits plummet after two clients cancelled orders of a lottery scratchcard concept developed by the group’s marketing division. The year ending 30 April 1997 saw a pre-tax loss of 59 000 compared to the company’s previous year’s profit of 233 000. The competition card project “represented a substantial commitment, […]

Mysterious identity overshadows HMV

HMV has spent 5m of hard cash refurbishing its flagship store to designs developed by Greig & Stephenson. – London’s Oxford Street was blocked during its reopening by Sir Paul McCartney last week.

A good reason to Crow

I read with interest your editorial comment (DW 3 October) How can we get the right experience? – Sadly, design studios do look for experience, not creativity.

Pavilion inspires Dewe Rogerson

Dewe Rogerson has created the identity for Pavilion Asset Management, a new fund manager in Brighton. – “We had to appeal to people who were not extremely sophisticated in financial matters and others who had a really good understanding of it.

Moving Picture pitch

Harper Mackay, Fletcher Priest and David Chipperfield are involved in a credentials pitch to design the new office for The Moving Picture Company in the building formerly occupied by Rank Film Distributor. The interior of the building in London’s Wardour Street will comprise a 90-seat cinema and studio, along with regular production facilities. The winner […]

Made By Man to rebrand 7-Eleven

Supermarket chain Budgens has retained its retail design consultancy Made By Man to rebrand the 7-Eleven convenience stores it bought last week. A new name and identity will be phased in to the 57-strong 7-Eleven chain before the end of April. London group Made By Man has been working on Budgens’ supermarkets for six months […]

Chips with everything

Apparently, it is ‘inevitable’ that some day soon we will all be sporting wearable computers. Peter Hall is horrified by the thought and insists that brains are best.

British Airways looks further than the flag

I was disappointed to read the letter by Marcello Minale regarding the new British Airways identity (DW 20 October). – In answer to his comments, the brief did not come from the marketing department, it came from the customers and the largest, global rese

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