Not so bubbly when it comes to design scribes

‘Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood’ is the cry of self-professed geniuses everywhere. And Peter Saville makes no exception.

‘Very few design journalists and certainly none of the music journalists can understand all my references,’ he was heard to lament when we spoke to him about his work for champagne brand Krug (see News Analysis, page 9).

Saville says the only article to truly get to grips with his oeuvre was by Andrew O’Hagan in the London Review of Books (Vol 25, No 12, 19 June 2002).

‘As period-sensitive as Andy Warhol designing adverts for shoes, as deadpan iconoclastic as Christo wrapping the Reichstag, Saville brings a bit of class to the class-conscious,’ O’Hagan saged.

No danger of dumbing down in that corner of the media commentariat then.

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