The Lowe down on which motorbike is the best ride

With regards to Colum Lowe’s Private View Wheels within wheels (DW 2 October), as a consultancy that handles design work for two well-known scooter/ motorcycle brands, we can recommend some very ‘street worthy’ scooter models to even catch a Ducati rider’s eye.

Maybe Lowe should invest a little more research at his local bike dealership. There he will find scooter technology has moved on significantly since the prized model that he was riding was first introduced to the general public.

If he wants to annoy drivers at traffic lights, perhaps he should try the Yamaha T-Max scooter, which is faster than a certain German two-seater sportscar from a standing start.

As for getting in touch with his feminine side to feel happy on his scooter, there are some things we can learn from our European neighbours, especially that two hours in traffic are better spent elsewhere.

Phillip Gordon-Ball

Design director

Dentsu BLD Europe


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