30 October 2008

Brand Instinct apology

In last week’s issue we incorrectly stated that Brand Instinct is ‘fighting to retain’ the branding and marketing contract for new Saudi Arabian city Al Wasl in the Riyadh province (DW 30 October).We accept that Brand Instinct is not in a pitch with property developer Limitless. It is negotiating a new contract for the second […]

News in Pictures

New work by designer Sebastian Bergne will be on
show at the Aram Gallery, Drury Lane, London WC2, as part of the Cru exhibition.

Card sharp

Few would disagree that financial institutions have a bit of an image problem at the moment. It’s something that Japanese credit card company Epos Card is doing its best to avoid with its 100 Design Card project. In return for a measly ¥1000 (£6), you get to choose one of a list of 100 different […]

The designer – an ideal client?

Most designers would relish the chance to be a
client too, but how easy would it be? Tim Ashton took on both roles for a TV show and developed a taste for it

Material directions

A flurry of new arts centres, and the refurbishment of an old one, have prompted some very different approaches to signage. Sarah Frater asks the designers about their choices, which range from concrete and bronze to all things digital


A new survey suggests that people are most creative at 10.04pm. When are you at your most creative and why? I’m at my most creative when I don’t need to be. I can be very creative on a beach, in the pub or in bed. But give me a Mac and a deadline, and the […]


I consider myself a ‘true’ graphic designer, in the sense that I answer a brief. I relish the restrictions and embrace the parameters. A commercial artist, if you like, but not an artist, per se.For me, the most fulfilling type of project is not one where I’m given free, self-indulgent, rein, but one where I […]

Taking the Green lead

Climate change is upon us, but designers can do their
bit for the future of mankind by getting clients on board,
says Howard Sharman. There may still be time…

News in Pictures

Liverpool-based consultancy CL3 has designed a Halloween website for fancy-dress retailer Blusnapper. CL3 also art-directed the product shots for the site.

US election raises questions about design’s deeper role

We can expect to be bombarded with news from America in the final days before the presidential election on 4 November.Like any campaigning event, the election has left a trail of graphics generated not only by the official parties, but by people from across the globe in response to candidates’ claims. Michael Johnson has assessed […]

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