I consider myself a ‘true’ graphic designer, in the sense that I answer a brief. I relish the restrictions and embrace the parameters. A commercial artist, if you like, but not an artist, per se.

For me, the most fulfilling type of project is not one where I’m given free, self-indulgent, rein, but one where I get to work with amazing, intelligent and inspiring people. We redefine the notion of fixed roles. We have different strengths but one common goal.

Not all projects will be like it and not all collaborators will experience it, but when you find it, you know it.

In my life I have had the good fortune to work with such people – from editors and photographers to printers and tutors. They have influenced how I think and the way I function.

Some have been in my life many years. Others have just said a few words. All have inspired me and made me who I am.

It’s this combined creative energy that keeps me in design and the naive hope that the next great ‘inspiration’ is just a fingertip away.

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