A new survey suggests that people are most creative at 10.04pm. When are you at your most creative and why?

I’m at my most creative when I don’t need to be. I can be very creative on a beach, in the pub or in bed. But give me a Mac and a deadline, and the mini-ecosystem that flourishes in my head is devastated by a sudden drought. A Moleskine and a digital camera can help to revive it, but I’m yet to find a way of controlling the life cycle of my own creativity.

Scot Bendall, Founder, La Boca

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Creativity, to me, doesn’t have set rules, it’s when you’re open to making bizarre and brilliant lateral connections between things. This can happen anywhere, when you look around yourself and see beyond the obvious, when you talk to people, when you take notice of things. There’s also the kind of creativity that’s planned, when you get people together with different skills, attitudes and perspectives – and ask questions that allow the possibilities to flow. Creativity is at its best when it’s shared and becomes something tangible to fall in love with.

Michelle Du-Prât, Insights director, Household

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