Not all designers ignore the meaning of the words

After reading David Bernstein’s Words without meaning (Private View, DW 17 September) I can only agree with his sentiments that all designers should read the copy first. Of course they should, isn’t it a basic essential?

However, I find it surprising that he devoted over half a page telling us something we all know and at the same time manage to tar all designers with the same brush. Who has he been working with?

Writing as someone who started his working life as an agency art director (turned designer), I am only too aware of the importance of the written word.

The best writers I’ve known have often drawn the pictures and (surprise, surprise) the art director’s penned the headline. The point is they talk to each other.

How Bernstein with his experience can separate these two symbiotic roles is beyond me, after all we are in the communications business.

There are, of course, some writers who take the view that dialogue is not necessary, opinions not welcome and would generally subscribe to a “hands off my words” policy.

I wonder if Bernstein has unfortunately spent a lifetime working with designers who can’t read, or maybe he is just precious about his words?

Terry Rye

Rye Design

Kent ME1 1JS

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