Designer to get At-Bristol contract

At-Bristol, the science and nature exhibition centre, looks likely to appoint an exhibition designer following its award of two grants worth more than £3.5m in total.

At-Bristol director of exhibitions Valerie Collins says a decision has yet to be made as to whether an in-house designer or external group will be appointed to the project.

‘I’m still looking at what talent is available,’ she says, ‘and am considering the North American model, which might see us bring someone in-house.’

The first grant, worth £1.6m, has been earmarked for the redevelopment of the centre’s Wildwalk attraction. A new gallery to showcase the world’s endangered species is planned, which will include a ‘walk-through, living coral reef tank’ and a combination of live exhibits and multimedia interactives.

A travelling exhibition entitled 5 Great Apes will also be developed and the centre’s Live Science Arena – which aims to allow the public to interact with experts on an informal basis – will be enhanced.

A second grant worth more than £2m has been secured for a consortium including At-Bristol, Magna, National Museums Liverpool, Science Projects and W5.

It will be used to create three science-based interactive touring exhibitions, likely to be designed in-house.

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