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As the London Design Festival’s World Creative Forum comes to the end of its second year, what do you think is its most important achievement for the design industry and what direction should it take for the future?

‘This industry is fiercely crunchy and competitive on the outside, but definitely soft, chummy and indiscreet on the inside. We all like to point and stare, swap numbers and know a lot more about the who, how and why. It’s a great initiative, but too early to talk of the forum’s “achievements”. For me the format is still finding its way. My suggestion would be to graft it on to 100% Design and add a gallery of work. One big event, one location, one thing to screw up the diary.’

Tim Elliott, Creative director, Jack Morton Worldwide

‘Another world forum. This time design! It is unusual for the UK to host such a thing and, therefore, a real benefit to our designers. Can it provide a serious platform for design debate on an international level? Can it publish its findings for the world to see? Design issues rarely change, can the forum move them on?’

David Pocknell, Founder, Pocknell Studio

‘It’s vital to recognise the World Creative Forum and London Design Festival are two separate events with different objectives. The forum successfully raised issues and problems that designers can help to solve, but must work harder at delivering tangible outputs and debate more concrete issues to avoid becoming the exclusive domain of the intellectual creative establishment.’

Christine Losecaat, Director, Little Dipper

‘The World Creative Forum aims to involve not just the design community, but the wider world of business, government, education and science. It is an international event with over a third of attendees coming from abroad. This year, over 30 countries were represented. They come here to meet creative thinkers and practitioners from London and across the UK. In a more mature design industry, future growth and opportunity is likely to be international. The forum seeks to be the place to enable that.’

John Sorrell, Founder, The Sorrell Foundation

‘The main accomplishment of the forum is breaking the barriers between business and creativity. The next step is to highlight the importance of inclusive design, or at least look at how we can become more socially responsible.’

Hannah Marshall, Fashion designer

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