TV needs new systems as it moves away from passivity

The television landscape is swiftly changing, and it is calling for brave new ways to look at the conventions of TV channels.

We’re finding ourselves working alongside interaction designers to develop a blend between the two that creates a more seamless experience across devices. The challenge is to retain the emotional impact of TV and the strength of the brand and attitude wherever the channel is experienced.

This gives rise to the question of what a TV channel is now – it’s not a singular, passive experience any more and it needs intuitive, connected ways of delivering content. These platforms are already appearing with the recently rebranded Canvas, now You View, on the horizon.

However, it’s not as simple as using interactive vernacular on TV or vice versa – but using an intelligent blend of the two to define a new set of fluid systems that make a channel.

Ultimately, it comes back to the strength and consistency of the tone of voice. That is, creating a unified experience that engages the already fragmented audience, wherever and however they access it.

Exciting times lie ahead with the potential to define the next evolution of TV and how it is designed, branded and delivered.
Aporva Baxi,Director, Dixon Baxi, London E2

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