Webb & Webb has rebranded classic toy Playplax. What was your favourite childhood toy and why?

My favourite toys were Matchbox cars. I spent hours and hours ’driving’ around in my imaginary world of houses made of cardboard boxes, with books and magazines transformed into garages and viaducts, while the rugs and floorboards became my private road network. The best cars were the ones with doors and hoods which opened. My fascination with cars hasn’t changed as an adult – nothing makes me spend money more foolishly.
Stephan B Hertzog, Co-founder, Busk Hertzog

My favourite toy growing up was an Etch-A-Sketch. I used to spend hours drawing pictures on it. Looking back, I wasn’t very good with it though – the lines on my drawings would never meet up first time, they were never perfectly straight and drawing curves was a nightmare. I guess that’s why I ended up a managing director and not a designer.
David Whittle, Managing director, Chilli UK

Sindy. She was best friends with my big sister’s Barbie, who would come round to Sindy’s oh-so-modern house (complete with orange and brown kitchen) for coffee, and they often went on holiday together in Barbie’s camper van. Sometimes they drove as far away as the end of the hall and Sindy would take her rather pungent plastic tent to pitch alongside the van. For tea they would heat ready-made plastic burgers on their plastic outdoor campfire, and swig lemonade from little green plastic bottles.
Nicky Place, Business director, Build

With three brothers, it was inevitable model railways would play a part in our childhood. I enjoyed the trains, but the real joy for me was the Superquick model buildings. Perfect in every detail, there was a gritty realism to the colour palette that captured the reality of the railways. From the grand terminus building, the straightforward locomotive shed to the humble signal box, not to mention the shops and houses, I loved building every one of them. For me, they brought the train set to life.
Keren House, Creative director, Aricot Vert

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