Reconstructing limbs is surely extreme design

My leg has been redesigned and reconstructed, courtesy of James Youngman at University College Hospital. I must stress that I am not into extreme body piercing or ultimate SM gear.

The failing of my ankle is linked to a serious motorcycle accident when I was 18 years old. I was lucky – they saved my leg and within a year I was back at college. This was a life-changing time as I got to see first hand how some people really do suffer, but still progress with life in such positive ways. But, 30 years on, the damage to my ankle had led to more and more pain and surgery became the only option.

The orthopaedic team at UCH have cut through and repositioned all of the major bones in my lower leg and ankle, and have fused the ankle joint so that it cannot move. The Taylor Spatial Frame (pictured) allows the positioning of everything to be adjusted over the next few weeks to ensure that all the bones are fixed in the right place. It will stay on for 12 weeks and then, once removed, I will be free to exercise a lot and walk pain-free. So 11 weeks to go.

I guess this is design, at an extreme. But thank God that we have such amazing experts at our leading teaching hospitals. I owe them big time.
Martin Darbyshire, Founder, Tangerine London, London SE1

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