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The funky hip-hop appeal of London basketball team Leopards has been used to set the tone for this season’s promotional posters, designed by 4i. The posters will be used as part of an advertising campaign kicking off this month. Key features are Leopards players Ronnie Baker and Karl Brown, who took part in a photoshoot for the posters. Leopards promoter Martyn Levett came to 4i with the catchy word associations ‘Ronnie “shake ‘n’ bake” the dribblings so hot he beats the lot’ and ‘downtown Karl Brown shoots ‘n’ scores from the farside’, says a 4i spokeswoman. These were incorporated into the design with the existing Leopards identity, also by 4i. ‘The result is bold and striking, with images that should fix the Leopards firmly in the public’s mind and generate more interest for this increasingly popular game,’ says the spokeswoman.

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