Sampson Tyrrell labels post office

Post Office Counters, the UK’s largest retail network, is planning to roll out a new retail identity concept designed by Sampson Tyrrell.

The group has developed a prototype concept, successfully piloted at five sites, incorporating facias, signs, information panels and other graphic work which provides a “cohesive Post Office Counters identity in the Post Office network”, says Sampson Tyrrell chairman Terry Tyrrell.

Sampson Tyrrell has also completed an entire interiors concept due to be tried out in Edinburgh later this year.

“It’s a new open-plan Post Office system, taking into account the security measures that need to be incorporated,” says Tyrrell.

Phillipa Dennell, head of communication at Post Office Counters, says: “Post Office Counters’ presence on the high street ranges from a small area of a corner shop to fully dedicated post offices. We are working with Sampson Tyrrell to develop a look that can be adapted across the whole range to ensure that Post Office Counters has a distinctive, consistent presence in all its manifestations.”

Dennell says Sampson Tyrrell was appointed to carry on from Newell and Sorrell, which worked on developing the new Post Office logo in 1993, because of Sampson Tyrrell’s retail experience.

The consultancy has developed a system which is flexible and can cope with the variety of sub-post offices – some 19 500 outlets – across the UK. The sub-post office roll-out, which cannot be forced on to franchised offices, will begin later this year and continue into 1996.

According to Tyrrell, the sub-post office concept has proved to be such a successful solution that Post Office Counters sees potential to extend the work to the entire Post Office retail network.

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